Important Message to Students (11/27/2018)

Greetings, my name is Eric Hua.  I am the new owner of Sebastopol Massage Center (SMC). In 2016, longtime owner Patricia Oberg decided to retire from a fulfilling career as a massage therapy school instructor and school owner. My wife Tracy and I purchased the school back in 2017 from Patricia. After the lease expired in Sebastopol, we decided to bring the school down to Southern California and have been in the process of relocating the school to Orange County. Over the last 2 years we have worked diligently to get the school renewed with the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) and are currently in the process of getting the school certified with the California Association of Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

SMC is an approved massage therapy program with the BPPE. This means that your education that you received is an approved education to the state’s standards at the time you attended school.  With this education, you would be able to work in those states, cities and municipalities that recognize those credits. You will need to check with your local state or cities to see their requirements to work are. Some cities in California have chosen to only allow those students with CAMTC certifications to work in their cities.

As you may be aware, the CAMTC offers their own certification that shows that those massage therapists who hold their certificates have passed various background screenings and have attended massage therapy programs and schools also certified by the CAMTC. Many cities in California use this voluntary certification as a certificate to work in their city.  Because SMC’s massage program was not CAMTC approved in past years and it was not an approved CAMTC school, all of SMC’s students normally are INELIGIBLE to apply for CAMTC Certification because the SMC’s education was not CAMTC approved.

There is great news now though.  For a VERY limited time, CAMTC’s Board has provided a one-time only grace period for ALL previous Sebastopol Massage Center students to be allowed to use their SMC education to apply for CAMTC Certification, so long as they provide additional proof of adequate education by passing an education hearing and meeting all other requirements for certification.

In order to apply for your CAMTC certification, you must submit your application and it must be RECEIVED to the CAMTC on or before February 16, 2019, in order to use education from this school for certification purposes. After you apply, you will need to provide additional proof of adequate education and meet all other requirements for certification in order to be certified.

Effective January 1st, 2019, the Mblex exam is not required in California for your certification with the CAMTC. The CAMTC will also be increasing their application fees on January 1st, 2019. If you wish to submit your application prior to January 1st, 2019 without your Mblex exam results, the CAMTC can hold your application till the new year so you will be able to pay the 2018 rates, but then submit in 2019.  

If you are interested in getting your CAMTC certification, now is the time. Students whose applications are received by the CAMTC after February 16, 2019 will NEVER be use any education from Sebastopol Massage Center  for certification purposes in the future, meaning there will NEVER be a time in the future you are able to utilize your previous education from SMC for any applications to the CAMTC. All questions and transcript inquiries, please use contact info below.

It is unfortunate that the rules have changed for the education process  and the CAMTC certification process over the last few years, but this is indeed a VERY bright spot and a unique opportunity for all Sebastopol Massage Center students to get CAMTC certified. We are happy this window of opportunity has opened up and hope that you will take advantage of it while you can.

Helpful Links

·         Click here to register, CAMTC login and apply

·         Request for Live Scan Service

·         Massage Therapy Act 2018

·         Policies and Procedures for Approval of Schools

·         Procedures for Denial of Certification or Discipline/Revocation

·         FAQs – Scroll down to click the icon below FAQs, then click Massage Professionals for more Applicant info.


In 2016, Patricia Oberg of the Sebastopol Massage Center decided to retire from a fulfilling career as a massage therapy school instructor and school owner in Northern CA. Classes and massage therapy services are no longer being taught in Sebastopol.

As of January 2018, the school has been relocated to Orange County in Lake Forest, California. In 2018, we have renewed the certification with the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) and we are currently in the process or working with the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) to get our new program certification.

In January 2019, the school will transition from the Sebastopol Massage Center to the Orange County School of Massage.  The school will be located at 23615 El Toro Road, Suite R-1, Lake Forest CA, 92630. Classes will commence in the first quarter of 2019.



General Manager: Amber Cisneros
Phone: 949-436-8913

Requirements to Certify

(From the CAMTC Website)

Requirements for Certification

The California Massage Therapy Council issues voluntary certifications to massage professionals that meet the requirements in the law. Certification is voluntary, and CAMTC certification is not required by state law in order for a massage professional to practice their profession in the state. However, some cities and counties locally require CAMTC certification for massage professionals. To find out if your city or county requires certification, please contact the city or county in which you wish to practice. Local permits may be needed for each city or county where you practice unless you are certified. If you are in an unincorporated area, please check with the county.

Massage professionals may find CAMTC certification useful as it allows certified individuals to practice their profession in all cities and counties in the state without the need to get a local permit to provide massage for compensation.

California Business and Professions Code section 4611 makes it an unfair business practice for anyone not certified by CAMTC to use the titles: Licensed, Certified, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Massage Practitioner, CMT, or CMP.

In order to obtain CAMTC Certification, an applicant must submit a fully completed application and meet all of the following requirements:

·         Be 18 years of age or older;

·         Pay the $150 fee;

·         Submit fingerprints to an authorized agency in California for a Live Scan using only the CAMTC form at Request for Live Scan Service (the authorized agencies charge you a fee for this service) and pass a criminal background check; 

·         Pass one of the following CAMTC approved exams (the exam companies charge a fee for taking their exam):

o    Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx);

o    Board Certification Exam in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCETMB);

o    National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) or National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage (NCETM) taken on or before February 2015; or

o    New York State Massage Therapy Examination;

·         Have successfully completed, at a CAMTC approved school, curricula in massage and related subjects totaling a minimum of 500 hours (or the credit unit equivalent), which incorporates appropriate school assessment of student knowledge and skills. Of the 500 hours, a minimum of 100 hours shall be in anatomy and physiology, contraindications, health and hygiene, and business and ethics; and

·         Have not violated any of the provisions of the California Massage Therapy Act or any policy, procedure, or regulation of CAMTC.


Certification is for a two year time period. Certificate holders must therefore apply for re-certification every two years. The current fee for re-certification is the same as certification. Certificate holders must apply for re-certification within six months of the date of the expiration of their certificate. If expired certificate holders fail to apply for re-certification within this time frame then they must re-apply as a new applicant. This means that they must meet all requirements for certification existing at the time of re-application, including education and exam requirements.

There are no continuing education requirements for CAMTC certificate holders.

For additional information see and scroll to the Massage Professionals information.

Closed School Policy

CAMTC will accept education for CAMTC certification purposes from schools closed on or before June 30, 2016, with either no lawful custodian of records or a lawful custodian of records that is not a CAMTC approved school as long as all of the following conditions are met:

1)  The education occurred at a time when the closed school was approved or accredited by at least one of the organizations listed in California Business and Professions Code section 4601;

2)  The closed school is or was not subject to any disciplinary actions or pending investigations by any approval or accrediting agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), government agencies, CAMTC or other massage or school related entities;

3)  The applicant for CAMTC certification provides verifiable proof that the education received at the closed school meets minimum standards for training and curriculum and the statutory education requirements for certification; and

4)  The individual application for CAMTC CMT certification is received in the CAMTC office on or before December 31, 2018. Applicants whose applications are received after this date may still use education from closed schools described in the Policies and Procedures for Approval of Schools section 3.A.a. for CAMTC certification purposes as long as they either provide proof of current and continuous city and/or county permit(s) to provide massage for compensation or they pass a CAMTC education hearing (oral telephonic hearing or consideration of a written statement).

Out-of-State Education

Education and training received outside of California must be, at a minimum, substantially equivalent to the requirements applied to California school programs. One important aspect of educational program equivalence is whether the educational institution attended has been approved by the national, regional, or state authority with responsibility for vocational program approvals. Such status can readily be ascertained by CAMTC for each of the 50 U.S. states, U.S. territories. 

Out-of-Country Education

CAMTC does not accept out-of-country education.

Notice: Please note that this is only a summary of general requirements and not a complete listing. Please refer to the CAMTC Application for Certification, California Business and Professions Code section 4600 et.seq., School Approval Procedures, Denial Procedures, and all other CAMTC policies and procedures for additional information on these issues.


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