Course of Instruction: The Sebastopol Massage Center offers a well-rounded course with curriculum covering several massage techniques.


 Our emphasis in the Basic Massage Therapy course is Swedish/Esalen. In addition, the course includes Anatomy, Body Mobilization, Side-lying techniques, and an introduction to Trigger Points. The course also stresses professional ethics, building a practice and becoming part of the professional community.

The Advanced Massage Therapy course offers currently certified students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of five additional modalities. Both courses stress the development of the therapist's own natural awareness and intuition. All instruction is provided in English.


Course Outline

500 Hour Advanced Massage Therapy program

Pregnancy Massage...12 Hours
Shiatsu.............21 Hours
Chair Massage.......15 Hours
Reflexology..........8 Hours
Acupressure.....12 Hours
Sports Massage..15 Hours
Deep Tissue........12 Hours
Oncology/Serious Illness.....12 Hours
Therapeutic Touch-Part I......15 Hours
Therapeutic Touch Part II ....15 Hours
Theory Chinese Medicine/Meridian Theory ...25 Hours
Documented Work Experience....125 Hours
Hot Stone... 15 hours
Cranial Sacral ....18 Hours
Elder Massage....12 Hours
Oncology 18 Hours


Download the PDF version of the 2015 Massage Program HERE

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Download the PDF version of the Annual Report and Performance Fact Sheet- 150 Hour Program  HERE

Download the PDF version of the Annual Report and Performance Fact Sheet- 250 Hour Program  HERE

Download the PDF version of the Annual Report and Performance Fact Sheet- 300 Hour Program  HERE

Download the PDF version of the Annual Report and Performance Fact Sheet- 500 Hour Program  HERE

Therapies and Services
Stress Reduction Massage:  Massage helps us manage stress by easing muscle tension, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure and creating a sense of well being.

Rehabilitation Massage:  Physicians and Chiropractors commonly recommend massage to injured patients because they are aware of the benefits during the recuperative process. Massage relaxes muscles, increases circulation to the injured area, and helps restore mobility.

Sports Massage:  Professional and weekend athletes alike benefit from Sports massage. Specifically designed strokes keep the athlete supple and flexible, increasing performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Pre-natal and Post-natal Massage:  A nurturing massage eases the stress on joints and muscles that mothers undergo before and after delivery.

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue Massage is used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using slow strokes, direct pressure, or friction usually on a focused problem area. 

Techniques and Information: Breema, Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflexology, Chair, Pregnancy, Oncology, Acupressure, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue.


Wes Killian

"As you may remember, one of the most important reasons I took the class was to learn how to relax, and establish a bond with my "spiritual" side. As you may have picked up on, I was also very tired of the rat race and looking to learn a skill doing something I enjoy (massage) and can earn a living at. 

Well after only 2 months, I learned how to relax, to give a great massage, and I feel connected to another half of me that was missing a long time. My life is greatly enhanced, and I have you to thank.

As a teacher, it's clear that you excel at teaching the subject matter. However, you taught me more than that. Your optimistic attitude, encouragement, and empathy helped me move to a place inside myself where I could listen to what my heart was saying.

I've learned that life is a journey, not to worry about controlling everything, to maintain a positive outlook, and to take a chance to achieve happiness'

Melanie Souther

I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible life experience that I gained from massage class. You are such a unique, special teacher. Truly a giving caring genuine person. I had so much fun and such a dose of energy and spirituality throughout the experience. Thank you for being the initiator of such an incredible opportunity and for giving me exactly what I needed--love, nurturing and touch.

I just wanted to thank you for drilling all of this stuff into our heads. Maybe not everyone picked up the same messages or learned as I did, but I feel that I left you prepared to do just what I am doing. ... One million thanks to you for helping me change my life and career. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better beginning.
— Delores Caruthers